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This home, the United Evangelical, formerly Trinity, Lutheran Church parsonage, was the residence of Rev. Robert S. Graetz, a white Lutheran clergyman who pastored the African-American congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church, placing him and his family in the midst of community hostility during the year of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. More details are given in the Alabama Voices link.

Today, this historic home is in much need of preservation. This effort, "The Parsonage Restoration Project", which has the support of members of the Graetz family, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and others, is currently being coordinated by Mrs. Tori Adams-Holloway, of United Evangelical Lutheran Church, through the United/Trinity Lutheran Church Foundation. 

We are grateful for all the donations already received. If you would like to be a part of restoring this very important piece of Montgomery's history, please send your donations to United Evangelical Lutheran Church at 1104 Rosa Parks Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36108. We also encourage you to give, using our new VANCO DONATIONS tool, or download and sign up to use the VANCO app for quick and easy processing of your donation.

United (formerly Trinity) Lutheran Church Parsonage
1104 Rosa L Parks Ave., Montgomery, AL 36108
(334) 262-4326
Not open for public tours.